Make Organising Your Group Activities Simple.

Real Simple.


Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

We have made it a simple process to create an activity and invite your friends. Because your time and energy is better spent on enjoying your activity.

Invite Your Friends

Sit Back & Relax

Create Your Activity




Personalised Activity Pages

Every activity has their own page.

Everyone can see who is going, share and view media, as well as have instant navigation to the activity location.


Filtered Activity List

All activities are automatically sorted for your convenience. 

This will help speed up the time taken to access the information you need.

Share Your Activities

Invitations to activities don't just stop with you... 

Everyone invited to your activity can share it to their friends, or forward it to chat groups they already have. 

You can use their network to grow yours.

Smart Notifications

Need to make changes to your activity?

Go right ahead. We have you covered. 

You make the change and we will automatically notify everyone invited so information never gets lost in chat messages again.

We have gone live on the iTunes App Store  and Google Play Store! Click the store icons below to start organising your activities Simpler, Faster and just Better. 

Now Available on iOS and Android

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